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    • Development of Monitoring Tools
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Fundisani Thuto acknowledges that people learn in different ways, some prefer audio, some prefer text and some are visual. However what has been tried and tested and proved a successful method is integrating a variety of methods of teaching and learning with special focus on practise-based learning or reflection-based learning.

The reflection-based learning is reflecting on the theories that have been taught and receiving support on how to implement them, while continuously focusing on meeting the learning outcomes. In general, the teaching and learning method becomes research-based learning, which encompasses the various enquiry-based teaching and learning methods. People learn then go to the field and translate learning into practise, when they come back to class they reflect on the challenges of implementation and work out a practical solution. This approach stands out because it takes into consideration the type of the learners, the time of the day that teaching takes place, the context and makes learning more effective, practical and enjoyable.

Fundisani Thuto prepares the child for life through quality learning and teaching